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  • The Race to Digitize Industry

    Topics like these are making the news daily nowadays, probably becoming as popular as sports news. Even my grandmother (91 and still curious!, God bless) recently asked me about what's happening! I thought about how to explain this rising phenomenon.

  • Leaders, Stories and Facts

    Effective communication and being a good storyteller are among the most important criteria for successful leadership. There is no doubt that a well-plotted story is the strongest means of an intended message, and has a significant impact on people.

  • The Rise of Generation Y Organizations

    It is in our human nature that most of the time we think life would flow in one direction only, i.e. linear, as if everything would always move at the same pace...

  • Open Innovation: "The Brave New World"

    In this new world, information is accessible to everyone. Innovations happen when new and entrepreneurial companies (start-ups) partner with large corporations. While organizations that interact with the rest of the world are leading the field...

  • Ongoing support for the youth!

    For the last four years, I have been participating in the "Runatolia Runs" to support the project "Valuing Youth" by the Community Volunteers Foundation.



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