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Leaders, Stories and Facts

Effective communication and being a good storyteller are among the most important criteria for successful leadership. There is no doubt that a well-plotted story is the strongest means of an intended message, and has a significant impact on people.

The Rise of Generation Y Organizations

It is in our human nature that most of the time we think life would flow in one direction only, i.e. linear, as if everything would always move at the same pace... However, the exponential change happening at a dramatic speed today is creating major delusions and disruption in our lives.

Open Innovation: "The Brave New World"

In this new world, information is accessible to everyone. Innovations happen when new and entrepreneurial companies (start-ups) partner with large corporations. While organizations that interact with the rest of the world are leading the field, those that continue to use conventional methods are lagging increasingly behind.

Ongoing support for the youth!
The 2015 Runatolia Marathon...

For the last four years, I have been participating in the "Runatolia Runs" to support the project "Valuing Youth" by the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG* for Toplum Gnllleri Vakf in Turkish).
Within this timeframe, we were able to provide support to 9340 young people together with our valuable supporters...

"Fetch your dreams"

"What do you dream of?"
Good for you if you have an immediate answer But don't despair if you don't; you, too, have dreams, and they are just waiting to come out

Passion and patience in business!

Everyone is after "making a quantum leap" in recent years. In order to achieve great visions, ambitious targets, re-accelerate growth, and create a sustainable world at the same time Having said that, these ambitions are mostly replaced by jargon fatigue and disbelief since making a leap in itself "is easier said than done".

"YOUTH SERUM" for Organizations

The exciting, energetic days of our youth are precious, aren't they? I'm talking about those times the absence of which we feel acutely as we move on to "maturity" That "youthfulness" most people try to regain with immense anxiety and effort taking "cosmetic" measures, mostly without solving "the real problem"

The New Industrial Revolution is at Our Doorstep!

Partly due to my interest, partly because of my job, I closely follow growth and innovation policies in the global economy. Be it individuals, companies or countries, everyone these days has the same concern: "How are we supposed to protect and increase our revenues in this decelerating and volatile economy?" Ideas abound, programs are many - as though the pie were the same, and the game would end ...

To hell with this world, and end this dream

A nice hotel built on a green hill, in the suburbs of Frankfurt I am one of the speakers at a seminar called "Reasons to be Cheerful? From Crisis Management to New Challenges" organized by BCG (Boston Consulting Group). As the representative of a company in Turkey, one of the emerging economies, I have been invited to "give hope" to the leaders of organizations in developed economies ...

Diyarbakr: far away but very close...

Last month I went to Diyarbakr for the first time. The "Youth Council" of the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG for Toplum Gnllleri Vakf in Turkish) was held in Diyarbakr this year with the participation of its more than 400 young members, and we were there as the more senior members that support the young on the occasion of the "Board/Youth get-together" in the weekend program.

In Search of the Northern Lights

There are experiences that amaze us, and that we do not want to miss. In English, they are called "once in a lifetime experiences", and "must-dos before you die" in our language. The "northern lights" that can be observed from places close to the North Pole had been at the top of my list for years I really wanted to go to Iceland or one of the Nordic countries for this experience.

What's in Store for Our World in 2013?

Every year, in the last weeks of December, a topic that gives me lots of pleasure and energy becomes the highlight of my agenda: "What's in store for us in the new year?" I read from various sources, note down events and developments that I find striking and of priority, and then use these notes while setting my own personal and professional goals.

The Irresistable Lightness of "Healthy Discomfort"!

The first time I heard about "Healthy Discomfort"* it was in the form of leadership advice given to me by Bob Swan, the bright CFO of General Electric (GE), when I started in their U.S. organization. To this day, it remains one of the few pieces of life advice that have deeply influenced me, and on the implementation of which I am still working studiously.