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On remembering and being remembered...

All of us have a few people in our life that have deeply influenced us – be it from our childhood, our school days, or professional or social environment as adults… Now, think about those people, about how they have contributed to you, and how happy they would be if you thanked them for this after all these years… Who knows how content you would feel for having made them that happy?

Beirut: green and bustling...

For several years now, we have been making out-of-town weekend excursions once a year with four of my close friends from high school. We had enjoyed the Cappadocia tour the year before so much that we were brooding over "how to fit an even livelier journey into a weekend" that year.

WEF in Turkey after 4 years… Anything new?

The World Economic Forum on Europe and Central Asia held in Istanbul in October 2008 attracted lots of interest as it coincided with the days the global financial crisis erupted, and many critical and heated issues were discussed as part of its agenda.

Are we ready for the future business world?

The Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer) organized the 13th of its "In Search for Excellence" (MAS as a Turkish acronym) symposia in Izmir on June 12-14.
The main theme of this successful symposium was "New World, New Approaches"; and I had the opportunity to share my views as panelist of the panel discussion on the "Future Business World".

Is it possible to become South Korea?

The 5th National Congress of the University-Industry Collaboration Centers Platform (for short ÜSİMP in Turkish) took place on June 21-22, 2012 at the Sabancı University in cooperation with the Sabancı University, the TÜSİAD-Sabancı University Competition Forum, which I co-chair, and the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

Seoul... A hard-working, modern, ambitious and dynamic culture

I was in Seoul on May 7-8. It was my fourth time, and, just like in my previous visits, I stayed for a very short time. However, this time there was a major difference: For the first time, I had the chance to learn about Seoul's history and identity, though very briefly.

Tracing the footsteps of cheerful people

Although I travel a lot for business purposes, Rio was a city I resisted to spare some time for… Eventually, I broke this resistance, and I'm glad I did because despite the fact that I had limited time, it was a very enjoyable and colorful experience…

Production in the New World… Starting from Scratch!

The previous month, I was a panelist in the panel discussion on "Global Production Trends" at the Uludağ Economy Summit. Participation in this meeting, which was organized for the first time, and aims to be the "Davos of Turkey", was quite high thanks to the initial enthusiasm and proper marketing.