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Neşeli insanın formülü...

Although I travel a lot for business purposes, Rio was a city I resisted to spare some time for… Eventually, I broke this resistance, and I'm glad I did because despite the fact that I had limited time, it was a very enjoyable and colorful experience...

Here are my observations;

"Mystic" Rio

I guess it wouldn't cross anyone's mind to call Rio mystic first, but the rain and fog that persisted for the short period of 1.5 days I was there gave me that impression.
So much so that when I reached the Christ the Redeemer, the symbol of Rio, on the famous Corcovado hill under constant showers, I was met by a very mysterious (!) scenery: The splendid view of Rio that should be there under normal conditions was completely hidden by clouds.
In such an atmosphere, the statue of Christ looked like a paradox, half mystic, half suspended in thin air. Nonetheless, we as tourists did not give up despite the heavy rain and the clouds, and took pictures one after the other. Myself, I enjoyed this rare and privileged view of Rio.

"Finding Your Place" in the Santa Teresa Quarter

I reached this slightly rundown, but colorful quarter of Rio with its cobblestone streets after a short trip from Corcovado.
I have no clue why Teresa became a saint, but it was here that I found the chance to listen to live jazz in a relaxed environment, with sincere and continuously smiling locals, and tourists under the influence of this positive mood, in a nice bar-restaurant I ran into through mere serendipity while I was looking around amidst the greyness of Rio, saying to myself "what am i doing here?"
I sat there for about an hour, and breathed the joyful and peaceful air of the place. Then I thought, "with a little bit of patience, and when you follow your instincts, one definitely finds the place that fits him." :) God bless you, Santa Teresa!

The "Rhythm of Life" of Brazil – Music and Dance

Rio Scenarium is like a huge cabaret, an entertainment venue… Listening to the live performances here, my mind wanders: Such a flowing, warm and soft combination of music and dance… Be it samba, or any other music… Even jazz in this beautiful country is the most cheerful jazz you can hear, and it can easily be danced to.
And it sparks even the most laid-back person, and lends wings to those that dance… It makes the spectators want to join as well!
This is Rio, the source of the essence of entertainment that flows to the rest of the world!

Jokes about Brazil

You can imagine that just like we have wonderful jokes about locals of different regions in our country, Brazil, too, as a country where many races blend, naturally has oceans of such stories.

I learned the following from the taxi driver on my way to the airport:

What do those from Rio think about the ones from the Bahia region? When asked about their sisters and brothers from the Bahia region (which is more tropical and closer to the equator), those from Rio (that is, the Cariocas) say, "The Bahians are very joyful, kind people. They sleep 12 hours a day, and rest during the remaining hours."
And what do the Sao Paolans think about the Cariocas? Sergio says, "Paulistas think about us whatever we Cariocas don't think about the Bahians."

We had a good laugh together.

"And what do you Cariocas think about Paulistas?" I asked. Sergio contemplated his answer, and said, "Nothing… It's a bit boring, but that's how it is."

Kind regards,

Mehmet N. Pekarun